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I love going into see Dr. Tyler at Northern Chiropractic Health and Wellness. There is always positive vibes running through that place and the Christian music playing always makes me feel comforted. Audri at the front desk is great and very accommodating. She calls and reminds me of appointments and they understand issues that have come up that has caused me reschedule.

I met Dr. Tyler on a whim when he offered to come to my senior living community that I was managing. He was promoting community outreach and wanted to meet some residents and offered shoulder massages for them. During my time with him, he informed me that he also practiced chiropractic work. I have suffered from many neurological imbalances and vestibular disorders along with severe migraines. Dr. Tyler said that he thought he could help.

A week later I took a chance and set up an appointment. As nervous as I was, Dr. Tyler extended a comfortable environment and allowed any questions. He makes a safe zone and a stress-free zone. I have completed one series with him of readjustments and currently working on my second. I definitely see and feel an improvement with my day to day actions.

Those 10-15 minutes twice a week definitely offer a great reset to my day or week and give me some me time to think and destress.

I definitely recommend Dr. Tyler to anyone even thinking about trying a chiropractor. Since beginning with him, I have seen immense improvement with my migraine and balance. He makes it easy to understand and willing to offer any education along the way.

I couldn't give enough thanks and praise to such a wondering dynamic duo at Northern Chiropractic Health and Wellness. Thank you Dr. Tyler and Audri!!

Taylor C, Andover

"I can tell that Dr. Tyler genuinely cares about me. He's helped me stay healthy and active, and it's obvious that my good health makes him as happy as it makes me."

Cory P, Shoreview

"I have been going to Dr. Tyler for several weeks now. He is very knowledgeable on how the body works. We have worked on strengthening my core. I have seen great improvements in my ability to move with ease (back issues). In addition, my headaches, blood pressure and overall wellness has improved. I certainly would recommend Dr. Tyler for your specific needs. Do yourself a favor come in and meet him to talk about your wellness."

Jan K , Circle Pines

"I have only been going to Dr. Tyler now for a little over 2 weeks now. One of my problem areas was my digestive system. I wont go into explicit detail but I can tell you what he has done for me has helped a lot. Without a doubt very good at what he does. He is a very passionate person about the body and the way it works. And I appreciate his explanations on how it all works. I would highly recommend him. Thanks Dr. Tyler"

Cindy , Lino Lakes

"I have never met a doctor who is so committed to, and passionate about, his practice. More than that, Dr. Tyler is committed to the well being of each one of his patients. He works to educate his patients about the amazing world of chiropractic care and the healthier life we can all be living as a result of that care. I have been receiving regular adjustments for just under a year now, and am amazed at how my (what I thought was fairly healthy) body has responded. It's hard not to leave his office feeling amazing! I am so thankful for him and for Northern Chiropractic and Wellness."

Lauren V, Eagan

"Dr. Tyler has given me back my flexibility to pursue my passions once again. I had all but given up to living with chronic lower back pain until I met Dr. Tyler, I am eternally thankful we crossed paths. Through his patience, knowledge and a true desire to help, in fact gave me back my mobility. His genuine care and desire to help his patients, along with his knowledge and willingness to explain what needs to be done gave me hope. I am certain, that many or all of his patients would say the same thing as I am, he is a gifted and knowledgeable man in the right job.
Thank you Dr. Tyler, and may God Bless you !!"

Tony M, River Falls

"I want to tell everyone how amazing Dr. Tyler has been to my family and I. My husband and I started seeing him for our son who was breached in my womb and was very fussy with neck issues. His right neck muscle was very tight but with a month of getting adjusted he has improved immensely. We also have an eight year old daughter who has autism. Besides her communication and sensitivity issues she has a hard time balancing and her gait is stiff. We decided to bring her to see Dr. Tyler. We were a little apprehensive because she doesn't like touch too much but she has been doing awesome to our surprise and happiness. Last night she also balanced all by herself putting on her pajama pants which she has never been able to do before. My sister has also started to bring her daughter who has juvenile arthritis so hopefully we will start seeing good results with more sessions! I want to thank Dr. Tyler for all that he has done for our family. God is GOOD! May God bless him and his family!"

Nicole J, Cedar

"Dr. Tyler is a great friend and truly caring person. I've known Dr. Tyler for over 4 years and I can't say enough good things about him. He brings an unmatched level of care to his patients!"

Dustin D, Maplewood

"Dr. Tyler is one of a kind- he is by far one of the best chiropractors I have ever been to! He has a way of listening to your health concerns in a genuine manner- making you feel truly cared for. ( I have been to enough Chiropractors to know that this quality isn't always there). I recommend him in a heart-beat. You won't find a more genuine Chiropractor- then Dr. Tyler. You will not be disappointed! He was the answer to my prayers after several years of the wrong chiropractor- my back has never been better. Thanks again Dr. T!!!"

Amber R, Woodbury

"Before leaving Minnesota, Dr. Tyler Hanson treated my back, neck, shoulder & pelvis issues. His approach to total wellness - not just chiropractic adjustment - encompassed nutrition & exercise as well and worked miracles for me. I would recommend him to anyone. "

Billy K, Mahtomedi

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