Chiropractic Care Benefits the Whole Family.

Chiropractic Care Benefits the Whole Family.   Our Vision

Welcome to Northern Chiropractic & Wellness - Named one of the Twin Cities Finest of 2017 by Minneapolis - St Paul Magazine

 As recognized by Minneapolis - St Paul as one of the Twin Cites Finest of 2017!                                                             


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" I love going into see Dr. Tyler at Northern Chiropractic Health and Wellness. There is always positive vibes running through that place and the Christian music playing always makes me feel comforted. Audri at the front desk is great and very accommodating. She calls and reminds me of appointments and they understand issues that have come up that has caused me reschedule. I met Dr. Tyler on a whim when he offered to come to my senior living community that I was managing. He was promoting community outreach and wanted to meet some residents and offered shoulder massages for them. During my time with him, he informed me that he also practiced chiropractic work. I have suffered from many neurological imbalances and vestibular disorders along with severe migraines. Dr. Tyler said that he thought he could help. A week later I took a chance and set up an appointment. As nervous as I was, Dr. Tyler extended a comfortable environment and allowed any questions. He makes a safe zone and a stress-free zone. I have completed one series with him of readjustments and currently working on my second. I definitely see and feel an improvement with my day to day actions. Those 10-15 minutes twice a week definitely offer a great reset to my day or week and give me some me time to think and destress. I definitely recommend Dr. Tyler to anyone even thinking about trying a chiropractor. Since beginning with him, I have seen immense improvement with my migraine and balance. He makes it easy to understand and willing to offer any education along the way. I couldn't give enough thanks and praise to such a wondering dynamic duo at Northern Chiropractic Health and Wellness. Thank you Dr. Tyler and Audri!! "

Taylor C, Andover