Our Vision

Our Vision

Welcome to NORTHERN chiropractic and wellness where our vision is creating one of the healthiest communities in the world starting right here in the greater Twin Cities area.  We envision a community inspired by wellness where hospitals are vacant and medications are few.  Our sole mission is guiding every man, woman, and child to achieve the life they were created to have through a fully healing body.  Here at NORTHERN we believe that health is a choice rather than a destiny decided by genes or history.  

Research shows that the human body heals through the input of the nervous system and here at NORTHERN we use cutting edge technology to ensure that your body is working with you-not against.  Here at NORTHERN we feel that your health should be decided by you so that you can live the abundant life you were created to have.  Together let's make the Twin Cities the healthiest place on earth!



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"Dr. Tyler Hanson's treatment, expertise, knowledge and professional care have a hugely positive impact on my quality of life. Great, effective treatment and care! I couldn't wish for better treatment."

Elizabeth Z, North Branch