Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care was founded on the premise that the human body is vitalistic and has an innate ability to adapt and heal itself with little to no outside influence. This can be achieved with a healthy diet, exercise, rest, and a properly functioning nervous system. At Northern Chiropractic and Wellness we embrace this idea and deliver the best Chiropractic care possible to support a healthy nervous system. We want to make sure that our patients understand the care they are receiving and are educated about the importance of their Chiropractic care. We believe that by minimizing stressors on your body and getting regular Chiropractic care that your body will be able to function better.

Regular Chiropractic care helps improve, flexibility, increase mobility/range of motion, reduce aches and pains, relieves tension, improves the body’s ability to respond to stress, but most importantly removes the interference from the nervous system which interferes with the brain and body connection. This is most important because the nervous system is the most important organ system in the body. It coordinates and controls all functions of the body and without it working properly the body’s ability to adapt and heal is limited, and thus optimal health and wellness cannot be achieved. The benefits of Chiropractic care are not limited to people with “bad backs, sore necks, or headaches”. All people can benefit from Chiropractic care and should be checked and adjusted regularly by a Chiropractor. 

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